Average Grocery Cost for 2 Per Month in 2022

Average Grocery Cost for 2 Per Month
Average Grocery Cost for 2 Per Month

How much average grocery cost for 2 per month?

Families with two adults need an average grocery budget of $938.50 per month. Average food costs per month for a family of 4 peaked at $1,120.90.

How much should I budget for groceries each month? Grocery store is one of those things we all need. This is also an expense that can quickly add up and, if you’re not careful, will derail your family budget.

The good news is that with some simple math and some strategic spending, grocery shopping on a budget is within reach. We’ve put together some recommendations for how much to spend on groceries each month, along with some quick tips to help you stay in control of your grocery budget.


This part we try to find the answer of What is the average grocery cost for 2 per month? According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), your monthly food budget depends on the following factors:

  • Number of people in your household
  • Your age and gender per person
  • Your monthly budget household budget

(If you don’t have a budget or need help creating one, this first-time budgeting guide  can be helpful.)

Spending guide The USDA’s food plan fees provide recommended grocery budgets for four spending levels: frugal, frugal, moderate, and generous. Here are some general guidelines – from the lowest (“saving”) to the highest (“liberal”) – based on  government agency recommendations* for common household sizes. Variable:

Average grocery bill for 1  adult, depending on  household budget, consider spending between $175 and $345 per month on groceries.

Average grocery bill for 2 For a household of two adults, that number doubles: $350 to $690. The number is slightly reduced for adult plus child households. For adults and kids ages 1 to 11, plan around $300 to $590 per month. An extra $50 to $100  ($350 to $690) for kids ages 12 to 18.

Average grocery bill for a family of 4 Depending on your budget,  spending on groceries for a family of four can require savings and careful planning. Families with two adults and two children ages 2 to 5  can expect to spend between  $590 and $1,150 per month. For households with two adults and two children between the ages of 6 and 11, the number increases from $675 to $1,340.

These numbers represent the average of  USDA recommendations. For more detailed information, including low-and moderate-cost plans, visit the USDA Food Plan Expense Guide.


While the numbers above vary widely, they can make you realize that you’re spending too much on groceries. And if you have, you’re not alone. It’s been estimated that Americans spend up to 13% of their household income on food, which, on average, $660 per person, could add up to  $8,000 per year.1

Beside of the average grocery cost for 2 per month, we may want to make a strategy to save groceries. Here are some quick tips.

Plan Ahead

Going to the grocery store with a plan is the best way to limit your spending. Build  grocery lists by planning  your meals and shopping based on weekly sales from your favorite stores. (For more tips, watch this short video on how to provide your family with healthy foods within your budget.)  Stick to your grocery list and heed the warnings. when you buy groceries when  hungry. Studies prove that you will not only spend more2 but also buy more calorie-rich foods3.

Save with the discount app

The discount app is the new Sunday coupon. They’re free (and paperless!), easy to use, and some even offer cashback. We’ve rounded up some of the crowd favorites here.

Budgeting for grocery delivery 

If you choose grocery delivery, don’t forget to factor in service fees and tips. Before ditching the service altogether, weigh the fees against how much it could actually save you. It’s likely that grocery delivery will help you avoid impulsive purchases, plus it will give you  time to  shop around and fill your basket with meal planning ingredients.

Take a Closer Look at the Meal Kit Service

If you’re signing up for a meal kit, jot down a few numbers to determine if they’re worth it. If they help you avoid eating out, that can be a big plus. And, because the components are comparable, they can also prevent you from buying more than you need.


What is the average grocery cost for 2 per month? The average couple spends an average of $625 per month on groceries. This total is $7,500 per year. These numbers are in line with the USDA Moderate Cost Plan. Unless you live an extremely frugal or lavish life, you’re probably just about there.

On average, how much does a couple spend at a restaurant each month?  The average couple spends about 4.5% of their income in restaurants. This represents about 43% of the average couple’s food spending. If you’re trying to eat less at restaurants, consider a meal delivery service like Home Chef.

What is the average household income? Median household income is $69,629. However, this number takes into account all the size of the family. There is a big difference between a family of one and a family consisting of five people.

How much percent of Americans income for food? In history, the average household spends about 10% of their income for food. It needs to go to a home and outside dining account.

Cost for a person to eat a month?  According to  USDA, a  person can spend moderately $ 262 a month for food. Couples need a little more than twice the number. Perhaps they cook sinuses when they feed someone other than themselves?

What is the average grocery bill for four? As your family grows, your expenses increase. A family of four with infants through kindergarten needs about $901 per month for meals. However, a family of four with older children needs about $1,075 per month. That means planning ahead for  growing teens!

How much average grocery cost for 2 per month in California?  The cost of living tends to be higher in California. The average cost of food for a couple also shows this. Topping the chart with $6,527, Californians spend more on food than in many other areas.

How much average grocery cost for 2 per month in Midwestern?  In the Midwest, where people expect costs to be lower, food costs $5,587 a year. That’s a $940 difference  from California.

How much average grocery cost for 2 per month in New York?  New York falls  in the middle of  spending, with a total of $6,351 in food spending each year.

How should you determine your monthly food budget?

related to food costs, no two people will have the same answer.  USDA’s principle for last month is available (July 2017) shows  a couple to need $ 385 and $ 765 a month for food. Obviously, it’s a range. By using the  average national about 10%, you must understand your budget based on your total income. After that, you can edit it from there.

How many Americans live paycheck to paycheck?

The sad truth is that nearly a third of Americans live on wages. Many Americans’ expenditures even exceed their incomes. This number even includes people in their 50s. Financial stress doesn’t seem to go away with age.

How much should you spend on groceries?

There is no exact figure for how much you should spend on groceries. However, if you want a guide, we recommend using the USDA Home Food Cost Chart. Here you’ll find the amount for each family size, broken down by age. For example, your 15-year-old may eat more than a 2-year-old. These factors are considered. It’s also divided into categories:

  • Low-cost
  • Thrifty
  • Liberal
  • Moderate-cost

The average family has moderate expenses. However, if you want to be completely cost-conscious, you can stick with the savings plan.

What are the signs that you are spending too much on food?

Trying to stick to a budget sometimes seems impossible, especially when food prices rise. Below we’ve rounded up the main signs that you’re spending too much on food. This doesn’t mean you’re in the diet group. However, it helps you realize that you may have gone a little too far:

  • You are above average for reported expenditures.
  • Your monthly expenses include more restaurant meals than meals at home.
  • You buy groceries several times a week instead of buying them all at once.
  • You don’t make a  grocery list.

How much does a couple spend on entertainment each month?

On average, a  couple spends $2,273 a year on leisure activities. This equates to about $190 per month.

On average, how much does a couple spend on clothes each month?

The average couple spends $1,477 a year on clothes. This amounts to $123 per month.

How much does the average  household spend on utilities each month?

The average household spends $323 per month on utilities. This includes electricity, gas, garbage, sewage and telephone services. Of course, this number may vary according to your family’s habits.

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