Top 34 Esports Companies in Los Angeles

Esports Companies cloud9
Esports Companies cloud9 – Esports phenomenon in Los Angeles has recently received attention. ESports Companies in Los Angeles Our top picks for the best Los Angeles based eSports companies. These startups and companies are taking a variety of approaches to innovating the eSports industry, but are all exceptional companies well worth a follow.

We tried to pick companiebiggest esports organizations across the size spectrum from cutting edge startups to established brands.


We selected these startups and companies for exceptional performance in one of these categories:

Innovative ideas
Innovative route to market
Innovative product
Exceptional growth
Exceptional growth strategy
Societal impact
Top Los Angeles eSports Companies
Data sourced from Crunchbase and SemRush.

100 Thieves

100 Thieves, is an American e-sports, lifestyle, and apparel brand located in Los Angeles in California. It began operation in 2017.
Insights was founded in 2019 and is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.. It delivers content, experiences, and activations through offices and facilities in cities between Los Angeles and Tokyo.
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It is pre-embedded on Sony smartphones in around 75 countries worldwide. The best possible user experience for the consumer and the commercial success of our business partners is always at the forefront of what we do.


Evolved creates opportunities in esports – We’re an award-winning agency representing skilled esports players, gaming and esports jobs, prominent digital creators, and dynamic brands. Gamerpro connects mobile gamers by unique matchmaking to play a wide range of competitive mobile games for real money and handling the payments of users safely.
Our mobile app has already achieved global traction by having app installs and paying users from 166 countries. The platform is compatible with any skill-based multiplayer mobile game and currently supports most of the largest mobile games in the world.
We are filling a need on the mobile games market and running a competitive business model by allowing gamers to earn money based upon their skills.


ProGuides was founded with one mission: to help gamers take their play to a new level. Members access premium courses and on demand game coaching.
ProGuides makes it possible for anyone to learn from and play with the best. ProGuides currently has 60+ courses (1000+ lessons) featuring 20+ of the best eSports pros from Fortnite, League of Legends, Hearthstone, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Super Smash Bros.
Ultimate, Magic the Gathering: Arena, and Overwatch.

FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan is a gaming organization.


Esports Companies los angeles cloud9

Cloud9 is a professional multi-game esports organization. It was founded in May 2013 and is based in Los Angeles, California.
We want to share fun and unique stories crafted by our dedicated writers that you won’t find anywhere else. What is Game Life? Game Life is about content creation for every type of gamer.
Whether you’re looking for: – Esports Coverage – Pro league results – Tips and tricks for new titles – Updates on your favorite video game streamer – Headlines around the video game industry We’ve got you covered.. European Medical Centre, a clinic chain in Umm Al Quwain is also offering online consultations using EazeTx to its patients.
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TNH Health is based in Brazil with offices in São Paulo and Santa Catarina states.. Our customers.
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Champions Round

Champions Round is a sports entertainment company focused on building engaging fan experiences for the fantasy sports industry. Currently available for download on iOS.


Playfull tracks a gamer’s performance across several popular Esports games and sends them personalized, relevant rewards for meaningful achievements and wins. Playfull synthesizes gameplay data, demographic data, and redemption data to train a proprietary rewards engine to deliver the perfect reward to players at the perfect moment.
Their technology and products are designed to save sports organizations time, money, and effort.
Ultra was founded by Nabyl Bennouri, Nattapon Chaimanonart, and Jie Lian in 2014. It is headquartered in Portland, Oregon.
We are a technology partner of leading software product development companies to provide complete product lifecycle services. Diaspark’s Mobile practice has extensive experience in Enterprise Mobility, Information and Entertainment Applications.
We have worked on multiple smartphone platforms and technologies such as Java, BREW, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Palm OS, Blackberry, i-Phone and Android. For more indepth review, pls.
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Versus Systems

Versus Systems has developed a proprietary in-game prizing and promotions engine that allows game publishers and developers to offer in-game prizing across various platforms including mobile, console, PC games, and streaming media. Brands pay to place products in-game and gamers compete for those prizes.
Versus Systems brands also can promote products to a new audience in a more engaging way compared to traditional digital advertising methods. Our primary focus is on enabling doctors to reduce the cost on medicare patients thus increasing their rewards from CMS.
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DocJournal allows sharing of feedback and information between users and providers, to help drive improved care.
– PREDICTIX Genetics – 47% improvement in prescribing accuracy*. Further optimizes treatment decisions by combining a patient’s DNA analysis with AI.
PREDICTIX is an ideal software solution for payors, providers, DNA laboratories and telemedicine providers to improve patient outcomes, reduce costs and expand service offerings in the mental health space. PREDICTIX is commercially available in Europe.


AXiomatic powers unforgettable esports experiences through sports and entertainment expertise. Its mission is to build a portfolio of dynamic company holdings in the esports and video gaming industry.
Through strategic partnerships, investments, and acquisitions, the team connects esports groups with valuable resources including venues, technologies, media content, distribution partners, and investment capital. The company was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.
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Upcomer is a new platform for esports fans to stay updated and engaged with esports. We’re building a new kind of esports community and our mobile apps are currently rated 4.8/5 from 5K+ ratings.
Try our product at
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YAPILI, endorsed by a number of partners including AidsFonds and Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation, takes the opportunity to present a strong innovative investment case to evolve the concept into an inclusive and sustainable business.

ICM Partners

ICM Partners is one of the world’s largest talent and literary agencies, with offices in Los Angeles, New York, Washington, D.C. and London.
A cornerstone of the entertainment industry for more than three decades, ICM Partners represents creative and technical talent in the fields of motion pictures, television, music, publishing, live performance, branded entertainment and new media. Under the leadership of partners from each of the agency’s core areas of business, ICM Partners continues actively to seek new opportunities for its clients as emerging technologies reshape the media landscape.
ICM was formed in 1975 through the merger of Creative Management Associates and International Famous Agency. In 2005, the company raised equity financing to fund strategic growth, and in 2006, ICM acquired the literary agency Broder Webb Chervin Silbermann.
In 2012, the agency completed a management buyout and formed a partnership with the new name, ICM Partners.

Immortals Gaming Club

Immortals is an esports organization founded with unprecedented dedication to fans and to player well-being. It aims to create a long-lasting community of professional gamers, aspiring players, and passionate fans, all united by the commitment to camaraderie and competitive excellence.
Remaining true to its values and ethics, Immortals takes pride in providing an authentic brand that fans can be proud to cheer on to victory. Immortals currently fields professional teams in: League of Legends, CS:GO, Overwatch, Super Smash Bros., and Vainglory.
The company was founded in 2015.


PlayVS is an operator of an eSports platform used to organize competitions in eSports on behalf of high school. Its platform offers to organize online tournaments and wagers for cash and prizes and helps to play and stay up-to-date on high school e-sports programs that enable teen gamers to form teams at their high schools to compete with players from other schools and the battle for titles at state championships..
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Betty Labs

Betty Labs is a developer of a sports trivia application designed to provide life experiences. Their first product, Sideline, is a live mobile game that lets viewers win money while watching sports by predicting what will happen next.
By delivering questions generated in real-time and inspired by the progress of the game on TV, they turn otherwise boring or low-stakes moments into exciting chances to climb the leaderboard, compete with friends, and get paid.. Want cutting-edge fan activations, hyper-targeted marketing automation and seamless fan data integrations? Contact us.


Maestro’s mission is to grow the GDP of the creator economy. It empowers the 100M+ global creator market —from major enterprises to small businesses—with an interactive video platform to build strong communities and monetize passions. Customers can easily set up unique branded experiences, monetize in a variety of ways ranging from ticketing to subscriptions and ecommerce, and learn how to achieve their goals with powerful analytics.
Whether it’s an individual creator, a company creating a live extension of their brand, or a business looking to launch an interactive platform for a specific vertical, Maestro guarantees the most robust and customizable solution with the fastest time to market.


This is esports companies to invest. While esports continues to grow rapidly and more gaming influencers grab the spotlight, most of them struggle to monetize their fan-base and rely heavily on creating new content for their fans to consume. Founded by a team of experienced software industry veterans, Quarterback is the first fan-engagement platform that enables streamers and professional players to continuously engage with their audiences by creating their own fan-club gaming leagues.
These leagues can host daily challenges, give away prizes, compete against other clubs worldwide, help fans compete with like-minded players and offer other perks. Quarterback is on a mission to evolve the way esports enthusiasts interact with each other.
Quarterback creates a new language of engagement, where esports talents and streamers become an integral part of their fans gameplay. The team of physicians has addressed a number of queries around sexual health, conception, pregnancy, virals, and skin diseases over the last one year.


Obsesh is a real-time sports platform and marketplace that connects consumers to athletes. Our digital marketplace transforms the way fans access and interact with their idols through real-time content experiences to level up their obsessions.
An early-stage, women-founded company actively accelerated by the premiere sports-specialty accelerator, Stadia Ventures and Austin-based Newchip. Cofounders are seasoned consumer platform builders and operators for affinity-loved brands including beats, gopro, best buy, the home depot, and more.
Our mission is to make it easy for athletes to make a living on their own terms.. We achieve this by putting content creators first, and being highly selective with our advertising partners.
Gamers are a fast growing and vibrant community that demands more and better content. We believe that brands could do a better job of meeting the needs of this community, and we help them to understand and achieve their branding goals.

Speedball Movie

SPEEDBALL the movie is an action packed sports drama. It’s “Fast and Furious” meets the sport of paintball.
It caters to action movie lovers and the worldwide competitive sport of paintball. The sport of Paintball is played in tournament, event, and circuit settings worldwide by over 12 Million people every weekend..
SKARA’s first project is a AAA team-based action multiplayer game fit for competitive eSports with the soul of an RPG. Other projects on development include a Single Player campaign mode, a Companion App and two Novels.

INOV8 Media

INOV8 has developed a platform of live fantasy challenges, social contests, mobile apps and news/blog pages that leverage partnerships with charities and sponsors to acquire new audiences and engage existing fans for their brand. Ubique’s proprietary “Lag Sensing” Swarmio™ technology platform drastically reduces lag through dynamic optimization, and hosts an intelligent lobby system for thousands of multiplayer and e-sports games.
Ubique Networks is headquartered in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada with operations around the world.
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Apparel designed specifically for gamers. Comfy IRL.
Virtually Unstoppable. It is based in Castelldefels, Spain.
They want to shift the focus back to what’s important – being able to live healthy in the simplest way possible. They are doing this by creating an iOS app that gives users a more sophisticated platform to organize different content, share their progress and inspirations, as well as connect to the people that are just as passionate about their health journey.
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CheckMate Gaming

CheckMate Gaming is an online eSports platform offering competitive ladders, tournaments, and challenges. The company aims to provide users with the best and fairest gaming experience possible with its experience, knowledge, and understanding of the gaming industry that allows it to meet users’ needs, ensuring premium gaming content delivered in a safe and reliable environment.
The platform offers gamers the chance to compete in daily Call of Duty battles against thousands of players in different tournaments.. Accurate force readings that work with the compressive behaviour of the muscles are validated using sport science methods.
One can get early warning of the onset of muscle injuries from overuse and fatigue. One’s data is analysed and presented with the useful bits only without the data cluttering.
LiveSkin becomes more intelligent over time. It becomes part of the person, thinks with him, and helps him win.
Metrics are customisable in the LiveSkin app. Feedbacks on one’s performance are all at his fingertips.
Sansible Wearables also made LiveSkin washable, ideal for high intensity training.

Squab Gaming

One click marketplace to hire a perfect gaming partner. You don’t have to pay huge entrance fee, you can find a tournament for just $1 or create one for free! Win a tournament or create a good one and make some cash!.
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Accelerating & Elevating Indie Games to mainstream esports. An automated SaaS eSports tournament hosting platform & infrastructure exclusively for indie games, developers and players.
Games as a Service (GaaS) subscription model providing sustainable revenue generation & game-life extension for indie developers. Bringing developers and gamers together as an energized, collaborative community driving indie esports to a mainstream ecosystem.
We have a strong expertise in LATAM focused businesses. We like to dig deep in understanding the workings of novel and disruptive technologies and are poised to take minority equity positions in companies with stellar teams already on board.
We are currently focused especially on everything cloud based entertainment. Our sweet spot for investments is generally between USD$100k and $200k initially, with disbursements based on the achievement of performance milestones..


Wiser uses computer vision to capture sponsorship exposures on social media and TV. Get insightful data on your sponsorship performance.
Discover how much influencers cost. Boost results now, not next season!.
With this experience in mind, they created “TunHub” in order to give other researchers the opportunity to manage their research professionally and sell and market their own scientific findings to society.
It means SnatchApp users do not have to spend an extra penny to exchange conversations with their loved ones. To safeguard all the esteem users from any cyber crime, the developers of this app have designed some of the unmatched features such as Screenshot Notification, Secured Chats (With ON/OFF Timer), Hide Media From Device Gallery, No Backup Of Deleted Messages, and much more.

Indie Esports League

The Indie Esports League is an exciting new opportunity for indie developers and gamers of all levels seeking a place and reward in esports. The IEL provides the first true multi-game league system allowing users of any level to compete in, create, manage and monetize leagues for games they love.
Our technology puts users in control of the future of competitive gaming – indie esports. The Indie Esports League has developed proprietary API technology to create, manage and monetize esports leagues for any game on any platform.
We provide infrastructure and tools to transform access and scaleability of esports for all gamers and developers globally. As gamers and entrepreneurs we have strategically positioned the IEL to provide long term sustainable growth for all in esports.
The Indie Esports League is an innovative player generated / player directed league system. Leagues performing at higher levels are fostered into a ‘Premier League’ model for scaleability and higher revenue generation.
We designed the IEL to be a fully inclusive platform for casual gamers to the pro-esports athletes and developers of tomorrow. Giving all a real opportunity to rise and succeed.

CSL College

Collegiate esports started with CSL, the largest esports platform for leagues across a multitude of games and platforms, for players of all skill levels.. Volcanic is a leader in esports growth in Canada, running the National Esports Scholastic League, where students compete for post-secondary scholarship funding.
Volcanic also acts as a gateway for digital creators, gamers, and media enthusiasts for their future careers.. Additionally, the firm has made minor strategic investments into private companies within the data science and sports sectors.
Append Medical is a member of MEDX Xelerator, a medtech incubator backed by Boston Scientific, Intellectual Ventures, MEDX Ventures and Sheba Medical Center.

Counter Logic Gaming

Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) is a premier eSports organization dedicated to competing at the highest level and inspiring fans all over the world. Their players compete in the most popular competitive games such as: League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Halo 4, and Super Smash Bros.
Melee. Counter Logic Gaming was founded by George “HotshotGG” Georgallidis and Alexander “Vodoo” Beutel in 2010.
It quickly became the leading organization in eSports broadcasting and helped pioneer the popularity of live streaming video games to the world. Over the years, the organization has amassed multiple championship wins and gained over a million global fans.
That connection with their fans has been the cornerstone of the Counter Logic Gaming brand whether it’s through live streaming, video content, interviews, social media, or celebrating a win live – together.

Women in Games International

Women in Games International (WIGI) is a 501(c)(3) organization with a mission to cultivate resources to advance economic equality and diversity in the global games industry.
WIGI was founded in 2005 and has grown into a worldwide community, providing a platform to amplify the voices of underrepresented gaming professionals in everything from esports to tabletop gaming.
By developing and promoting such resources as advanced knowledge sharing, access to technology, professional development skills, and actionable mentorship programs, WIGI works to normalize women in the global gaming industry by eliminating barriers and increasing access and opportunities for all.
To keep up-to-date with WIGI’s upcoming events and initiatives, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

Everyday Influencers

Everyday Influencers is an esports management firm representing top talent such as Imaqtpie, Dyrus, Scarra, and Disguised Toast, across multiple platforms and verticals. With expertise in overall brand building, talent development and monetization strategy.
Our solution doesn’t stop moving and is constantly launching new ideas that make managing tickets effortless and engaging for fans. We are proud to have a talented, global team that is focused on creating a positive impact..


ESTV is an esports entertainment group 24/7 live linear and ad-based video on demand esports channel. Users can watch live Esports events, tournaments, interact with their favorite gamer and celebrities, and discover favorite gamer’s lifestyle.
ESTV is available on OTT, CTV, OTA, and cable including The Roku Live TV Channel, Samsung TV Plus, Dish Sling TV, VIZIO Free Watch, Amazon FireTV, SelectTV, TikiLIVE, Simul-TV, and mobile. Eric Yoon founded ESTV in Los Angeles, California in 2019..
Received worldwide coverage from outlets such as ESPN, TSN & Score esports + more. They have reached 30 million + viewers since 2011 and are currently one of the most established esports tournament organizers in Canada with several dozen successful events run.
In addition to running their own events, they provide esports consulting and tournament organization services out of Toronto, Ontario Canada.


Revolutionizing eSports viewing using VR and AR technology. ARES makes your room the press box you’ve always wanted..
Their portfolio is a true extension of their passions, strengths, and cultures.

Gamer World News

Gamer World News delivers eSports and gamer news and original entertainment around the globe.

Zone Esports and Entertainment

Zone Esports is an entertainment group esports best esports companies to work for. They are professional esports and online entertainment organization located in Los Angeles, California. Zone represents competitive teams and boasts a respectful and welcoming community.
We are a expanding into hosting events online and in arena for competitors as well as fielding our own teams in Gears of War and Fortnite. We have a strong viewership from our content creators and streamers having 797k followers and gaining over 108 million views on Twitch and Youtube.


Professional-grade esports analytics.
Centrana saves clinicians time and improves patient satisfaction while decreasing re-admissions and non-adherence. Centrana is currently in closed beta.
Interested in joining? Contact Centrana at End-User’s can cash out on their influence and impressions from their User Generated Content.
Our integrated API makes allows distribution of content fluid as WOMP is designed to work with any existing social networking platform. WOMP inherently behaves as a social media platform streamlined for “Word of Mouth” marketing.
Facilitating the connection is an attribute pairing algorithm that engages the End-Users in feeds of useful, interesting, and entertaining branded content. WOMP provides important multidimensional data analysis for businesses as well.
WOMP is currently on iOS Store and Google Play.

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