Salary of an Occupational Therapist in Montpelier 2022

Salary of an Occupational Therapist in Montpelier 2022 - Zine

Many people are searching for the salary of an occupational therapist in Montpelier. Occupational therapists’ salaries are certainly quite high, so interest is growing rapidly now. And, in your town, Montpelier. According to Google’s analysis, the search rate for occupational therapy is about 45,000 searching a month.

How much Salary of an Occupational Therapist in Montpelier?

Do occupational therapists make good money? According to the website (, the average salary for US occupational therapists as of January 27, 2022 was USD 92,428, usually ranging from USD 84,668 to $ 100,687. So, automatically, the salary of an occupational therapist in Montpelier is not far from that range. Wow!

Who is the highest-paid occupational therapist?

At the same city, the highest occupational therapist salaries by state and district are Nevada (USD 111,270), California ($ 101,080), Arizona (USD 99,950), New Jersey ($ 98,750), and the District of Columbia (USD 96,330).

What Is the Average Occupational Therapist Salary by State?

State Hourly Wage Weekly Pay Monthly Pay Annual Salary
Alabama $34.93 $1,397 $6,054 $72,652
Alaska $42.71 $1,709 $7,404 $88,846
Arizona $37.07 $1,483 $6,426 $77,116
Arkansas $36.97 $1,479 $6,408 $76,902
California $39.90 $1,596 $6,916 $82,994
Colorado $39.32 $1,573 $6,815 $81,778
Connecticut $44.37 $1,775 $7,691 $92,288
Delaware $39.12 $1,565 $6,781 $81,371
Florida $33.71 $1,348 $5,843 $70,116
Georgia $35.77 $1,431 $6,199 $74,392
Hawaii $45.04 $1,802 $7,807 $93,681
Idaho $37.37 $1,495 $6,477 $77,722
Illinois $36.77 $1,471 $6,374 $76,485
Indiana $36.84 $1,473 $6,385 $76,621
Iowa $40.66 $1,626 $7,048 $84,575
Kansas $40.30 $1,612 $6,986 $83,831
Kentucky $37.73 $1,509 $6,539 $78,473
Louisiana $41.63 $1,665 $7,216 $86,591
Maine $37.19 $1,488 $6,447 $77,362
Maryland $41.85 $1,674 $7,253 $87,039
Massachusetts $45.92 $1,837 $7,959 $95,507
Michigan $36.88 $1,475 $6,393 $76,714
Minnesota $42.93 $1,717 $7,441 $89,288
Mississippi $37.77 $1,511 $6,547 $78,559
Missouri $38.97 $1,559 $6,754 $81,052
Montana $37.46 $1,498 $6,493 $77,917
Nebraska $41.13 $1,645 $7,130 $85,561
Nevada $42.38 $1,695 $7,346 $88,147
New Hampshire $42.35 $1,694 $7,340 $88,083
New Jersey $45.01 $1,800 $7,801 $93,613
New Mexico $41.08 $1,643 $7,120 $85,441
New York $43.88 $1,755 $7,606 $91,273
North Carolina $33.57 $1,343 $5,819 $69,834
North Dakota $42.61 $1,704 $7,385 $88,624
Ohio $42.72 $1,709 $7,406 $88,867
Oklahoma $38.23 $1,529 $6,627 $79,521
Oregon $40.80 $1,632 $7,072 $84,866
Pennsylvania $37.50 $1,500 $6,500 $77,997
Rhode Island $43.30 $1,732 $7,505 $90,055
South Carolina $39.40 $1,576 $6,829 $81,950
South Dakota $41.36 $1,655 $7,170 $86,036
Tennessee $43.04 $1,722 $7,460 $89,521
Texas $36.08 $1,443 $6,253 $75,041
Utah $41.93 $1,677 $7,268 $87,213
Vermont $39.82 $1,593 $6,902 $82,822
Virginia $40.60 $1,624 $7,037 $84,439
Washington $44.03 $1,761 $7,633 $91,591
West Virginia $38.14 $1,526 $6,612 $79,339
Wisconsin $43.20 $1,728 $7,488 $89,850
Wyoming $39.35 $1,574 $6,821 $81,854

This data from (

Base on Salary of an Occupational Therapist in Montpelier, is occupational therapy a good job?

Occupational therapists achieved a median salary of $ 87,480 in 2020. Equivalent jobs earned the following average salaries in 2020: physiotherapists made $91,680, registered nurses made $80,010, occupational therapy assistants made USD63,420, & occupational therapy assistants salary USD 34,160.

So, we think, according to the salary of an occupational therapist in Montpelier, that it is very high too, and, of course, it has become a good job.

But first, let’s understand what occupational therapy is & why it is so popular now, and why are so much people pursuing an occupational therapy career?

What is occupational therapy?

Simply put, occupational therapy is a special treatment for someone who has certain health problems in order to be able to carry out daily activities independently. For example, bathing, exercising, reading, counting, writing, working, walking, running, eating, dressing, & etc. This is the raison the salary of an occupational therapist in Montpelier so expensive.

With occupational therapy accompanied by an occupational therapist, within a certain period of time, the patient|client can perform daily activities independently or return to normal for those who were initially injured.

Why do people need occupational therapy?

As mentioned earlier, occupational therapy is necessary because it is difficult for someone suffering from certain medical conditions to carry out their daily activities in a way that allows them to be fluent & self-reliant without the help of assistive devices or other stakeholders.

Seek the advice of a doctor or other medical professional in Montpelier or another nearby city to determine if you or someone needs occupational therapy. Doctors may be usually determine how difficult it is for stakeholders to cope with their daily lives and therefore need occupational therapy.

Some conditions that require occupational therapy:

  • Help someone learn new ways to perform ADLs.
  • Develop customized solutions to promote patients independence & healing.
  • Help patients with their daily lives, learn memory tricks, & solve problems.
  • Teach you how to use assistive technologies.
  • Teach someone to perform tasks painlessly.
  • Working with you with developmental & cognitive disabilities such as down’s syndrome, autism, and cerebral palsy

Supports patients with physical changes due to aging or injury such as: carpal tunnel syndrome, stroke, arthritis, or amputation

Of course, the therapy requires special skills, so the Salary of An Occupational Therapist in Montpelier is very expensive.

When & Where to Do Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy can be done for someone who have health conditions like the one above, & who have a decreased ability to carry out daily activities. Occupational therapy should be done regularly for maximum results. Generally, occupational therapy is done 3 times a week.

Occupational therapy does not have to be done in a hospital, because this therapy can be done at home or in the desired environment for those undergoing occupational therapy. Doctors & other healthcare professionals can accompany you wherever you wish. For example, at home, work, school, or a place in Montpelier. Nevertheless, most occupational therapies are performed more often in hospitals. Ask your doctor, specialist, or the right place for occupational therapy.

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How to Become an Occupational Therapist

To turn out to be an occupational therapist, we must earn each an undergraduate and graduate diploma & bypass the desired licensure exams. You can assume to spend six to 7 years in school: four years for an undergraduate diploma & to three years for a graduate diploma (if attending on a full-time basis).

Below are the stairs to turning into an occupational therapist.

  1. Earn a Bachelor`s Degree: If you want to become an occupational therapy assistant (OTA) rather than an OT, you need only earn your associate degree in OT.
  1. Earn a Graduate Degree: You must choose between a Master of Occupational Therapy (MOT) or a Doctor of Occupational Therapy (OTD) degree.
  1. Be Certified: To be certified, you can pass the National Occupational Therapy Certification Board (NBCOT) exam in the USA.
  1. Become an OT: After getting a bachelor’s degree, it may take a couple of years to get a graduate degree at OT, depending on the program or institution. Graduates must spend 30 to 90 days studying & taking the NBCOT exam.

After you see “Salary of an Occupational Therapist in Montpelier,” are you interested?

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