What Can You Do with a Degree in Business Administration? 10 Jobs for You!

What Can You Do with a Degree in Business Administration? – What can you do with a degree in business administration? There are 10 common jobs you can expect with a degree in business administration: management analyst, information security analyst, market research analyst, health and medical services manager, operations research analyst, CFO, marketing manager, fundraisers, human resources specialist, and accounting/auditing.

A business  degree helps you develop the basic business skills you need to become an entrepreneurial thinker and decision maker in a variety of situations. Perhaps you can pursue your career as an accountant, management service provider, financial analyst, healthcare provider, talent specialist, management analyst, market research analyst, or marketing manager. An expert with a business degree stands in front of a laptop with the text “What is a business degree suitable for?”

A Bachelor of Business Administration  prepares you to tackle today’s most demanding business challenges by providing you with the quantitative knowledge base and management skills you need to contribute to your organization’s bottom line. Business management refers to the management of assets such as company assets, employees, and finance. Running an organization efficiently, profitably and ethically requires a variety of skills.  For example, making data-driven business decisions requires strong analytical skills, and effective presentation of those decisions requires communication expertise. A business  degree helps you learn the basics of business while developing leadership skills.

What is a Bachelor of Business Administration degree?

A blue infographic work with the text to choose from over 12 business majors The Business Major helps you develop the basic skills you need to become an entrepreneurial thinker and decision maker. Most programs include  accounting, marketing, finance, human resources, and information technology courses. According to the National Center for Education Statistics,  business remains the most popular undergraduate degree in the United States. Of the 1.9 million students who earned a bachelor’s degree in the 2018-2019 academic year, 386,000 were business mathematicians. Business courses can be broader  than finance and accounting. However, in many cases, after completing the core areas of general education and business courses, you can focus on a particular content area. For example, at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), you can choose from over 12 concentration levels, including:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • International Business
  • Public Administration
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Project Management

Customize the industry degree you want to enter upon graduation by specializing in a specific business area.

If your goal is to move to a managerial position, you can earn a master’s degree in business administration after earning a bachelor’s degree. This degree, often referred to as the MBA, is based on basic skills and helps you in roles that require critical thinking and problem-solving. Blue infographics with text GMAC report that MBA graduates achieved a median salary of $ 115,000 in 2020. It can also make you more money. According to the 2021 Corporate Recruiting Survey of the Graduate Management Admissions Council, MBA graduates can expect more income than undergraduate graduates.

According to a survey, the median salary for MBA graduates in 2020 is $ 115,000, 75% higher than bachelor’s degree graduates. A PhD in Business Administration is ideal for anyone interested in pursuing a career in academia and wanting to contribute to a business scholarship. The Bachelor of Business degree is popular because it prepares you for a business job that leverages your strengths. Whether you enjoy analyzing numbers, motivating your team, or developing a sales strategy, a business  degree can guide you on  a rewarding career path.

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What can you do with a degree in business administration? We will make a review for you below. Read more.

How long will my bachelor’s degree in business administration last?

A bachelor’s degree in business administration may not take as long as you think. A bachelor’s degree is often referred to as a “four-year degree,” but the  time it takes  to obtain a bachelor’s degree in business administration varies. For example, the number of courses taken in each semester, the number of semesters the program offers each year, and the number of college credits  already earned affect the time to completion. For example, enrolling in an online program may increase your chances of adjusting your class to a busy schedule.

Also, look for a university that can recognize the academic performance you have already obtained in order to obtain a bachelor’s degree in business administration. For example, SNHU accepts up to 90  credits for an undergraduate course in business administration. What is the scope of business management?

Depending on your role in a particular company, you can use your business  background to contribute to the finance, sales, talent, or operations of various sectors such as manufacturing, healthcare, government, or nonprofits. I can do it. You can also participate in long-term strategic planning or work on specific projects to help your organization make important business decisions.  Indeed, some of the responsibilities of the Business Economist are:

  • Supervising and motivating
  • Recruiting new employees
  • Team members who work effectively as individuals and as part of a team 
  • Managing operations
  • Analyzing and supervising key components of a business unit

Management Business research is also for you in the office environment Does not limit. To name just a few, you can find professionals with a business background in hospitals, hotels,  construction sites, or  the arts field.

What can you do with a degree in business administration? 10 Kinds of Jobs for You

What can you do with a degree in business administration? Of all the bachelor’s and master’s degrees awarded in the 201718 academic year, the largest number were awarded in the business sector. You can apply the skills you develop while earning a business degree in many industries. Whether you’ve just graduated or are looking to pursue a new career in business, consider these fast-growing (and high-paying) jobs you can potentially get with a business degree.

We reviewed the latest career outlook data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to identify 10 fast-growing jobs you can land with a business degree. Learn more about each role – job description, salary, career prospects and requirements – to help you decide if the business graduate career option  is right for you.  Here are some common jobs that the answer of what can you do with a degree in business administration.

Information Security Analyst

Average Annual Salary ( $103,590

Job Outlook (expected growth 2020-2030): 33%

As a Worker As an information security analyst, you play an important role in protecting  computer networks and systems. You are the custodian of information systems and help protect the company’s reputation by:

  • Identifying cybersecurity vulnerabilities
  • Planning and implementing security protocols and systems
  • Responding to breaches and cyberattacks
  • Training users to navigate new systems

This role may be suitable if : You like to understand how things work, tend to think ahead and accept challenges.

Operations Research Analyst

Average Annual Salary ( $86,200

Job Outlook (expected growth 2020-2030): 25%  You take the raw data and turn it into actionable insights using data mining, statistical analysis, and mathematical modeling. Some common tasks include:

  • Collect and analyze large data sets
  • Develop mathematical models to solve problems
  • Test and validate models to ensure accuracy
  • Advise the team business solutions manager

This role may be suitable if: You love the problem-solving abilities of Math. You are an analytical thinker who approaches problems in a methodical and logical manner.

Market Research Analyst

Average Annual Salary ( $65,810

Employment Outlook (expected growth from 2020 to 2030): 22%

As an analyst Market research analyst, your task is to research the market. You define the company’s position in relation to its competitors and help find products and services in the market. As the consumer market continues to evolve, you are always looking for new ways to attract and delight your customers by:

  • Tracking and predicting sales trends
  • By developing new ways to collect meaningful consumer data
  • Researching consumers, competitors and products
  • By presenting useful insights in a simple and visually appealing way

This role has may be suitable if: You are analytical and creative. You can take raw data and use it to tell a compelling story.

Health and medical services manager

Average Annual Salary ( $104,280

Employment Outlook (expected growth 2020-2030): 32%

As a medical or healthcare services manager, you work behind the scenes of a hospital, doctor’s office, or other healthcare facility to keep it running safely and efficiently. You manage many of the operational tasks of a healthcare facility, which may include:

  • Training and recruiting hospital staff
  • Creating provider schedules  health care services
  • Managing digital health  records
  • Communicating with a health insurance representative

This role may be a good fit if: you have attention to detail. You are interested in the healthcare industry, but want to avoid the biological elements of direct patient care.


Average Annual Salary ( $134,180

Employment Outlook (expected growth 2020-2030): 17%

As a CFO, you are responsible for your financial health common to an organization. You help your organization achieve its short- and long-term financial goals by:

  • Prepare financial reports and forecasts
  • Analyze market trends to find opportunities
  • Direct investment activities
  • Plan long-term financial goals
  • Support management in making financial decisions

This role may be suitable if: you are curious, self-motivated and enjoy teaching others. You

Management Analyst

Average Annual Salary ( $87,660

Job Outlook (expected growth 2020-2030): 14%

As a Management Analyst , sometimes called a Management Consultant, you help organizations become more profitable by finding ways to cut costs and increase revenue. You can work as a consultant meeting with various client companies and:

  • On-site interviews and observations to assess company performance
  • Review of financial data and  reports job
  • Proposing new organizational changes and  procedures
  • New strategic staff training is implemented 

This role could be a good fit if: You enjoy solving complex problems and working with ideas. You are not afraid to take calculated risks.

Human resources specialist

Median annual salary (  $63,490

Job Outlook (expected growth 2020-2030): 10%

As a human resources specialist (HR), you are responsible for seeking and maintaining talent within a company. Duties vary from day to day, but may include:

  • Recruiting, selecting, and interviewing workers
  • Social Welfare and Compensation Management
  • Handling new hire paperwork and leaving interviews
  • Arranging recruitment training  new 
  • Handling complaints and allegations of harassment 

This role may be a good fit if: You can navigate difficult situations with empathy and tact . You value flexibility, diversity, and the ability to make a difference in people’s lives.


Average Annual Salary ( $59,610

Job Outlook (expected growth from 20202030): 16%

As a fundraiser, you have You can work in the political or non-profit sectors to raise money for an organization. It sounds simple, but fundraising is more than just asking for money. You achieve this  by:

  • Analyze what is important to potential donors
  • Design strong and compelling messages
  • Organize campaigns and events to attract donations
  • Unique maintain donor information files
  • Train volunteers in fundraising best practices

This role may be suitable if: You are passionate about a cause and want to apply leadership skills and your  communication  to further that mission.

Marketing Manager

Average Annual Salary ( $141,490

Job Outlook (expected growth 2020-2030): 10%

As Marketing Manager market, you are the link between the company and his customers. You work in a public relations or marketing team to manage a service or product by:

  • Developing promotional messages for different communication channels
  • Check Marketing Strategy and Messages
  • Managing budgets for marketing campaigns
  • Build Media Relationships
  • Track and Improve SEO

This role could be a good fit if: You are a team player with an innate curiosity to find understand why people do what they do. You are both creative and analytical. 


Average Annual Salary ( $73,560

Employment Outlook (expected growth from 20202030): 7% 

As an auditor or accountant you work with organizations to keep financial records accurate of the corporate, up to date, and compliant with industry regulations. While accountants typically prepare financial records and reports, auditors verify the accuracy of these documents. To do this, you must:

  • Review financial records for accuracy and compliance
  • Prepare or verify tax returns
  • Analyze accounting systems for maximum efficiency
  • Issue business and financial proposals to the board of directors

This role may be suitable if: You like numbers and attention to detail.

Are majors in business administration in need of admissions?

If you are wondering “Is a business administration degree worth it?” think about this.  Colleges and employers. Among these majors, Business Administration/Management ranks in the top three.

In addition to financial literacy and analytics, the Today’s employers are looking for professionals who thrive in a team environment, demonstrate strong communication skills and can adapt quickly  to changing situations, according to Indeed. These are all soft skills that you can expect to develop further in a business administration program.

Whether you’re looking to enter the workforce or transition into a leadership position, a business administration degree is flexible enough to equip you with the knowledge and skills sought after by today’s employers.

So, what can you do with a degree in business administration? Its so many you can do it.

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